"Runaway" - Music Video

Our friend Jared, pitched us a brief idea for an animated video for a remix of his song "Runaway." We developed a visual concept that centered around the story of a broken family. Carrying the full emotional weight of such a topic while not coming across as glib or false was the real challenge of this video. We ultimately would develop something that made use of simple shapes and stylized silhouettes that could carry the viewer through the entire story.

Tour Promo

Our friend Pell needed a promotional trailer hyping his fans for all of the stops on his tour. We simply took inspiration from the beautiful poster design created by artist and illustrator Avery Nejam, and built a vector based world showcasing each stop on the tour. Check out more of Avery's work at www.averynejam.com.


"Floating While Dreaming"

In 2014 Crabfood produced a promotional trailer for rapper "Pell" and his album "Floating While Dreaming."

We worked to capture the dream-like ethereal nature of his lyrics, while staying close to the branding of his album artwork.